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Audi: Uncompromised Luxury and Performance

Audi AG is a German automotive company, part of the Volkswagen Group, produces cars under the Audi brand. The headquarters is located in Ingolstadt, Germany. The motto is Vorsprung durch Technik - Progress Through Technology.

History of the brand Audi

Do you know what the word Audi means?

The word Audi in Latin is listen - and this is exactly what August Horch's surname means in German, Horch in German - listen. This is how the name Audi appeared.
The Audi we know today is the successor of the Auto Union concern, which in turn was formed as a result of the merger of four companies DKW, Horch, Audi and Wanderer:
DKW - Dampf Kraft Wagen was a German automobile and motorcycle manufacturer incorporated in 1916 and closed in 1966. Merged with Auto Union in 1928.
Horch is a German automobile manufacturer founded by engineer August Horch in Cologne in 1899. The company produced cars, including premium cars, and was part of the Auto Union concern from 1930 to 1940.
Wanderer is a German manufacturer of cars, motorcycles, bicycles, vans ... and other technology. It was founded in 1896 by Johan Winklhofer and Richard Janicke and became part of the Auto Union concern in 1932.

August Horch
Old Audi logo

Do you know how the Audi logo appeared?

As a result of this merger (DKW, Horch, Audi and Wanderer), the Audi logo - a symbol of four crossed rings - was born, which signifies the merger of the four parent companies of Audi

And the first Audi?

As a result of the joint work of DKW, Horch, Audi and Wanderer, the first front-wheel drive car Audi-Front was introduced in 1933, followed by the Audi 920.

The first Audi Front
Armored car SdKfz 222

Audi and World War II.

Since 1930, Audi has been an important supplier of military equipment for the Wehrmacht. In 1940, the production of civilian vehicles was completely stopped and Audi completely switched to servicing the needs of the army. For example, Audi produced aircraft engines for Junkers, armored car chassis for Sd.Kfz series or Einheits-PKW der Wehrmacht heavy transport vehicle.

Concentration camp Leitmeritz and Audi.

It is also known that Audi exploited slave laborin the Leitmeritz concentration camp during World War II. Thus, according to a 2014 report commissioned by Audi itself, Auto Union is responsible for 4500 deaths in Leitmeritz. From the beginning of 1944, the Audi factories were heavily bombed and badly damaged. And those factories and surviving equipment in Saxony, that fell into the zone of occupation of the Soviet Union, were taken to the USSR. And the personnel and management fled to the zone of occupation of the United States.

Leitmeritz concentration camp
Audi DKW F89

Audi after WWII.

Only in September 1949, Audi was able to establish a full-fledged production of products. First, the production of motorcycles and transport trucks was launched, and in 1950 the first passenger car was produced - DKW F89 P Master Class. In 1958, a joint-stock company Daimler-Benz AG bought an 88% stake in Audi, and in 1959 bought the company outright.

Audi and Volkswagen.

But the popularity and good sales of Volkswagen models worsened the financial situation of Audi and in 1964 the company became part of Volkswagen. And already in 1965 it was decided that the company would produce all its cars under the brand Audi and the first model of Audi's own development as part of Volkswagen was the Audi 100.

Old Volkswagen logo
Ferdinand Piech

Piech era in Audi.

In 1974, Ferdinand Piech became head of the Audi design department. Under his leadership, Audi achieved significant successes such as five-cylinder engine, turbocharging, quattro all-wheel drive, ... .

Audi today.

Over the past decades, Audi has been successfully building on technical developments such as galvanized bodywork, aerodynamic design, turbocharged petrol engines, diesel engines with direct injection technology, light-alloy aluminum body, hybrid drive, gasoline engines with direct injection technology, powerful eight- and twelve-cylinder engines, ... . In 1993, Audi AG was formed, which included the Hungarian and Brazilian divisions, the British Cosworth Technology, Italian Automobili Lamborghini and Spanish SEAT. Audi today is a successful and dynamic company in many automotive segments, such as the business segment - Audi a6, premium - Audi A8, sports and racing cars - Audi TT, sports versions of the Audi A4, A6, A7, the R8 supercar and crossovers as Audi Q8, Q7, Q5 and Q3 .

Audi office in Ingolstadt

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Here's how the Audi logo actually came to be. I thought these rings stand for the four German car manufacturers Audi, Volkswagen, BMW and Mercedes. Each in a ring. I don’t even remember from whom and how I heard about these rings. It turns out everything is completely different. And this old logo that is in the photo, was it used on cars as it is? Or is it just an illustration? And of course, thanks for the article, I learned something new today.
Audi is just a great car !!!
Audi ist einfach ein tolles Auto !!!
Евгений 28.10.2022
Я тоже так думаю, машина просто ураган !!!